Abe’s Odyssey Cross Stitch

I took advantage of the introductory offer during launch. This was a lot of work and has been made beautifully to include a black frame! I even got to see it come to life during live twitch streams! Couldn’t ask for more, a total bargain! Thank you. X

Orange Bison

Custom Arcade Cross Stitch

Fantastic Retro Rich cross stitch ordered for me by a friend. Lovely work and beautifully framed too. Totally recommend your work! Thanks! x

Richard Evans

Mario and Yoshi

I received a beautiful sewn Mario and Yoshi in a nicely sized frame. The design is perfect and looks like the official characters. It’s sat on display on my bookshelf for all to see.


Valentines Rowlet Card

The Rowlet you made for my girl Vyxxin, was absolutely amazing. You are a natural talent and will order more stuff from you. Thanks so much.