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Project: Star Wars Coin Purse

I’m really proud of this creation which is an admission that I’m not always prepared to make. The idea came about when I saw some acrylic resin purse clasps on Ebay back in September. They were made in China at a very low cost so I took the risk and ordered one to see what they were like. Then I forgot about it. Fast forward 3 months, this suddenly turned up on my doorstep (yes it took that long) and I was extremely impressed with the quality of it. It has the feel of something 3D printed but it very smooth with a beautiful soft finish. The frame is sturdy and would withstand repeated use which is obviously important.

The finished coin purse using the imported acrylic resin clasp.

Fast forward again and its January. I have a craft fair in the first week of March, so I decide that more of these frames would be perfect to make some cute purses for the fair. I wouldn’t have time to import from China but that’s ok…surely someone in the UK would make something similar. Ok, ok….someone in Europe? Disaster. I can’t actually source these anywhere BUT China. There were some shiny, not so attractive plastic alternatives but at over £6 per frame, would be way outside the parameters of being able to charge anything sensible to the customer to make the money back let alone with any cover for the fabric and labour.

I took to Twitter and many people recommended 3D printing a frame using a similar design. Not my forte and I don’t own a 3D printer. Then a lovely friend offered to have a go using his 3D printer. He didn’t have a template so he designed one himself. He drew up the designs based on photographs of the one I had already and then reproduced a rough copy. Oh my goodness, the man is a genius. Apart from being a slightly different material and obviously a rough finish, it is identical. He is definitely one to follow on Twitter if you are interested in that sort of thing because he managed to unpick my rambling explanations and even let me take photos of it against a ruler so I didn’t have to panic about the measuring side of things. Thanks Brian!

The original and 3D printed copy. It really is a work of art!

The make itself uses the orange, white and grey BB-8 Star Wars fabric. Only a minimal amount is required so its a really good make for using up odd ends of fat quarters. I chose a grey fabric for the lining. I hadn’t stitched a lining before, so this element didn’t quite go to plan. Instead of seaming the lining separately, I somehow got it in to my head that the lining would simply attach to the outer fabric with a normal seam, forgetting that this would be on show by the time it was turned out. As with so many makes, as I am self taught, its really a case of making something and learning by ‘doing’ (kinesthetic learning).

Oops – a back to front lining. Being self taught is all about trial and error.

At the end of the make, the definitive finishing touch was the BB-8 Lego Star Wars key ring that attached to the little loop on the original frame. It really bought the design on the fabric together with all of the other elements and gave it a real edge – almost like a phone charm (that takes me back a few years and more!). It got me thinking about superhero fabrics matched with corresponding key rings or charms to add an extra ‘something’ to the makes. I think I am going to ask Brian to make a couple in each colour (obviously I’ll pay for his time and resources!) – we need to find a suitable method of screwing the frames together first of all! Long term, importing the frames is altogether cheaper and more efficient – especially if I buy in bulk. However this really saves the day when it comes to finding out if it is indeed something that would be ‘saleable’ by taking them to a real sales situation. Lesson learnt – plan ahead…and then some!