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Pre-Launch Post 3: Branding and Site Launch

Well what a week it has been here. I’ve juggled a lot including family emergencies and a poorly child so its been mad but very productive. The main thing you will have noticed is that the branding is now in place! I’m absolutely thrilled with the result which looks really clean and professional, while at the same time getting across what the business is all about. I applied this across all the social networks and the site and then decided to launch these in order to grow some interest.

While I am not actually beginning official trading until august, it has been great talking to people about what I am working on and towards. It has also kept me grounded and free from anxiety (the little voice that screams WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! at 3am when you are trying to figure out font coding problems!). It’s definitely a learning process. I think people are enjoying seeing the bits and pieces I’m adding to the range as well. The phone cover went down REALLY well with over 50 re-tweets on Twitter in under 5 hours.

Next steps for the week ahead? Well, the branding needs to be on some stationary now so I’m ordering stickers, cards/compliment slips (not sure whether to do one or both yet) and a booklet with some gift cards/certificates as I would like these to be available for sale but also so I can give back to the community through donating an amount to fundraisers. After that, it’s a case of sewing my socks off to get some stock together to photograph and advertise. I found a light box type photography tent on Amazon that I think would be useful for that so it has gone straight on the wish list!

Once again, thanks for reading and do get in touch if you have any questions!

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  1. Absolutely brilliant!! Keep it up. I know you have the stamina and the ability. 🙂

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