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Official Tanglewood Nymn Plush Collectable (Large 30cm)

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We are very proud to present this limited edition authorised Tanglewood Nymn Plush character collectable with thanks to Big Evil Corp.

Nymn comes in two sizes, small and large. This listing is for the LARGE version. He stands at approx 30cm high. Each plush is sewn individually using a combination of hand sewing and machine sewing. They are finished by hand and, as such, every single one is unique. Your Nymn plush may look confident, quizzical, fearful or surprised!

The plushes are made from soft fleece and felt. The stuffing is extra soft and each plush is generously filled to ensure stability. The plush is also weighted to keep it standing. It is worth noting that as an environmentally conscious company, the weighting is all natural materials, usually rice or lentils, to avoid the use of plastic pellets which are harmful to the environment. As such, we recommend keeping Nymn away from water.

These pieces are limited to just 50 in total for the run.


This item is made to order. Please check the banner on the home page for current turnaround times.

This item is a collectable and for display only. It is not suitable for under 14’s.

Discover Tanglewood on new and retro hardware at https://tanglewoodgame.com

TANGLEWOOD® is a registered trademark of Big Evil Corporation Ltd.

Pattern adapted from an idea by Choly Knight

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 × 18 × 30 cm

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1 review for Official Tanglewood Nymn Plush Collectable (Large 30cm)

  1. Shooting-Star Space-Monkey

    If you’ve 100% completed the excellent indie Mega Drive platformer Tanglewood then it’s very likely that, after all of the events of the game, you just wanted to give the protagonist, Nymn, a big hug. Enter Sew 8-bit’s enchanting officially-licensed Nymn plush, so that you can do just that.

    I’ve collected official video game plushes for a long time and though I have several indie game characters, the Nymn plush is the only one to be individually handmade instead of mass-produced. This feels like a perfect fit for Tanglewood – a home-grown plush from a home-grown game.

    Nymn is beautifully made, looking even better in person than in the already-lovely photographs, and every single feature has very obviously been stitched with care. The colours and details are all spot-on, from Nymn’s fur-colour to the chip out of one ear, as seen on the game’s box-art, and he’s nice and cuddly too. I love how no two are quite the same – mine has a wonderful inquisitive expression, and his tail curls around him in the opposite direction to that seen in the product photographs; I’ve seen a number of photographs online demonstrating that every single one, in both sizes that the plush is available in, is equally charming in their own unique way.

    My order arrived exactly when I expected it to, per the provided estimates, and the service that I received was excellent – Hannah is the most incredibly helpful and kind seller and artist that I’ve ever dealt with. If you loved the game, then the official Nymn plush is a must-have, and Sew 8-bit is a superb company to deal with – highly recommended, on all counts. And if you haven’t played the game yet, go and do that, and then come back here and buy the plush!

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