Horace Plush

Horace is love Horace is life. So squishy, so lovely and well made. Absolute top craftsmanship a thing of cuddly beauty.

Steph A


Before Horace my life was empty, bleak, sad. At times, I would despair and fall apart, gazing at the horror around me.

Then Horace arrived, and Blasted by life into positive central. Everything I did was tinged with Horace Joy. Everywhere I went was saturated with the knowledge that Horace was there by my side.

Thank you RP. You have turned my life into something incredible, and now I feel like I can do anything.

Horace for life.

Nostalgia Nerd

Custom Papier-Mache Head

Hannah is an absolute creative genius!

My husband came up with an idea for a surreal character that he wanted to have in his show, and Hannah helped bring this idea to life by creating a giant papier-mache head for him. The head was really well made, and it was clear that it had been created with lots of love, care and attentiveness. … The character has gone on to become one of my all-time favourites! Thank you Hannah, you are a star!

Sanja Rose

Horace Plushy

Beautifully hand crafted. Made me smile ear to ear when I opened up the well packaged parcel, and found a wonderful Horace inside. The little book and note were a lovely touch, and I couldn’t be happier. Should order another so he doesn’t feel lonely…



He’s Lovely!

Fantastic quality of manufacture, great communication with seller, very quick delivery, and packaging was on point with some lovely extras 🙂

You’re a credit to the retro gaming community 🙂


Horace Cuddly

I genuinely love my Horace and he sits alongside me for most of my videos on YouTube now. The quality is of a very professional standard, probably better than a few of the mass made cuddlies I have. If you or a loved one are a fan of Horace, you won’t want to miss out on this top notch toy.


Horace Plush and CODE Show logo cushions

I contacted Hannah to commission some promotional cushions for ourselves and she went above and beyond my expectations .The Horace plush anyone who recognises the Horace character NEEDS this in their collection ours travels with us daily it’s extremely well made .I hope your new website keeps you extremely busy Hannah .Best wishes from TCS

The CODE Show

Papier-Mache mask!

A special commission for a one-off item, and I couldn’t have been happier with the end result. Fantastic craftsmanship, and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Paul Rose

Horace Plush

As seen in Matthew Scott’s review, I got a delightful Horace plush. He came packaged well, he’s extremely well made and my request for customisation was accepted quickly and done amazingly well. Hannah is awesome at sewing and crafting, her products are great and I LOVE my Horace.


Framed Spyro Cross Stitch

This had been on her site before I knew of her. Back when I saw this, it was before the re-release of the games and it was hard to find Spyro things, and I just had to have it! It’s really well done, and you can tell she took her time to make it the best she possibly could (which is always amazing!). It even came in a really nice frame that makes it that I can put it on my dresser, and it has a spot if I wanted to hang it up at some point. I live in the USA, and even shipping from overseas it was packaged so well that it got here in perfect condition! I love it and I will treasure it forever! I’m definitely going to buy from her again when I can. Her prices are great, and the work is great quality, so it’s totally worth buying something from her!


A squishy Horace

A perfect plush for my 80s/90s games room! Now lives with my other Sinclair ZX Spectrum stuff, proudly on display.
Really quick turnaround on the order, and Hannah is lovely to deal with. Thank you!

Matthew Scott

Commissioned (giant!) Horace Fluffy Dice

This one was great fun! I contacted Hannah with an idea of Horace-themed fluffy dice as a present for someone that had passed their driving test.
Cue much excitement as the plan was fleshed out!
Seeing the completed dice was well worth it; they’re fantastic and ridiculous in equal measure!
Hannah absolutely pulled out all the stops to get these done within a tight deadline; she’s an absolute star.

Matthew Scott

Abe’s Odyssey Cross Stitch

I took advantage of the introductory offer during launch. This was a lot of work and has been made beautifully to include a black frame! I even got to see it come to life during live twitch streams! Couldn’t ask for more, a total bargain! Thank you. X

Orange Bison

Custom Arcade Cross Stitch

Fantastic Retro Rich cross stitch ordered for me by a friend. Lovely work and beautifully framed too. Totally recommend your work! Thanks! x

Richard Evans

Mario and Yoshi

I received a beautiful sewn Mario and Yoshi in a nicely sized frame. The design is perfect and looks like the official characters. It’s sat on display on my bookshelf for all to see.


Valentines Rowlet Card

The Rowlet you made for my girl Vyxxin, was absolutely amazing. You are a natural talent and will order more stuff from you. Thanks so much.