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Project: Sonic Triptych

You may have seen a little while ago that I made a little running Sonic the Hedgehog. I had been really fascinated by the different poses and expressions created for just one blue hedgehog when I checked out all the different sprites created for him. So I decided that it would be really cool to do a series of Sonic in Motion to really get to grips with his different poses but also to make a piece that really caught the eye and told a story. I was also desperate to stitch him tapping his foot impatiently!


The ‘spinning’ Sonic was the most difficult to capture because of getting an effective contour to the shape while giving it the illusion of being spherical and in motion. I therefore added the dust. Some sprites doing this movement show the ball leaning slightly but this would have made this section too wide for the mount. In retrospect, it would have been better to research the frame and mount before deciding on the piece itself as this really limited my choices when it came to presenting the work. Definitely one that I can chalk up to learning as I go!

I didn’t take many progress pictures with this make but I think the outcome is really good. I also found that spray mount is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to framing sewn work. It means I can re-position before things get permanent and there isn’t a chance of things slipping and sliding about when framing. One for the tool kit without a doubt. This piece will now go in to my stock collection for people to purchase if they wish. Enjoyed this one!




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Project: Sonic the Hedgehog

I had a bit of a wake up call the other day when I realised that all I ever seem to sew is either Pokemon or Zelda themed. As a bit of a Nintendo collector, I think I’d been a bit self centred in terms of interests! I decided this week to breach the comfort zone and try something Sega; and who better than the beloved Sonic to start with.

Lesson of the week number one: I need to remember that I can’t distinguish tone! Its a sensory processing thing and I have disordered processing so I need to stop trying to “match” colours to what I already have. Luckily my husband is practically a savant when it comes to colour (useful in the print trade!) and is able to determine colour saturation tweaks on a printer to the nearest 5%. He tried very hard to stifle his giggles and then explained where I was going wrong. So off to the shops I went and picked out the proper thread that I needed using the chart. I am usually and Anchor user but decided to give DMC threads a try as the pattern was set up in that way (you can use a converter to switch between brands but I was already flustered!)

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality. There was no fraying and very little knotting or snagging. The colours were vivid and the thread was soft while being strong enough to manage the repetitive action of cross stitching. I learnt the hard way after buying in bulk from Ebay last year, that only the real deal is going to cut this type of sewing. It’s definitely best to buy from somewhere reputable where you can be certain that you aren’t buying 20 skeins of thread that simply falls apart even as you try to thread the needle. As the old adage goes, “if its too good to be true, it probably it”.

This piece was made on 16 count white Aida using DMC branded thread and two strands. I want to do a couple more showing Sonics range of movement and expression so I’m not going to frame it just yet as I’m not too sure how I want it to look yet. Any suggestions would be very welcome!